Make Custom Size Graphics/Video (HD 720p, FHD 1080p, 4K) in Canva

Ever wondered how you can download FHD,4k very high-resolution graphics and video from Canva? Well, you are in luck this tutorial will teach exactly that. You can make very very high-resolution graphics/video to even low, it's all up to you.

    12 JAN 2022 • 2 MIN READ
Custom-sized videos and graphics in Canva

This tutorial will teach us how to make custom-sized videos and graphics in Canva.

Step 1 :

Go to create new design

custom-sized videos and graphics in CanvaCreate a Design in Canva

Step 2 :

Click on Custom size with + icon

Custom size with + icon in Canva

Custom size with + icon in Canva

Step 3 :

It is the most important step.
Give desired width and height of the video/graphics you want.

Note the following dimension if you want a video/graphics with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Note the following dimension if you want a video with an 18:9 / 2:1 aspect ratio.

If you want social media posts, especially for Instagram, use a 1:1 aspect ratio, i.e., make sure width and height are the same. 

16:9 vs 18:9 aspect ratio diagram16:9 vs 18:9/2:1 aspect ratio diagram


Step 4 :

After giving desired height and width, Click on Create new design.

Create new design in canva custom size

Click on Create new design

Step 5 

Create your video or graphics in the brand new canvas. If you are designing a video, make sure to preview with a play button right next to Download. Overall, finalize your design.

finalize your graphics and preview it in canvaFinalize your graphics and preview it

Step 6 

After finishing your design, Click on the Download menu (right top corner).
If it is an image, choose png or jpg. 
If it is a video, choose MP4 video 
And hit download button. 

Click on the Download menuClick on the Download menu and select the format

Step 7

Save the file and Enjoy!




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